What is SEED?

What is SEED?

SEED (Self-Empowerment Every Day) was planted in hopes of encouraging people to work on self-empowerment every day.  We offer products and tools for all stages of your life and journey of self-empowerment.  

Implementing self-empowerment every day is essential to your happiness.  You may be asking yourself, what exactly does that mean?

To be self-empowered means to know what you want in life and why!  Taking control and responsibility of your life is important to maintaining happiness within yourself.  Becoming and being self-empowered is being comfortable in your own skin.  

SEED is here to help you along these stages. Everything that lives on earth has a life cycle.  Your self-empowerment journey is similar to the six stages of the plant life cycle. 

Plants, like yourself and any new venture you take on, start as tiny seeds. This is the very first step of the plant life cycle. 

After the seed has been planted, a seed takes on its path of germination.  Germination is when the plant within the seed begins to grow with the help of water, soil, and sun. 

The plant then develops stems and roots.  Stems push up toward the light while the roots grow down into the soil, securing a solid foundation to soak up nutrients. 

After this, leaves begin to grow. As they unfold, they take in sunlight and produce food through photosynthesis. 

The plant then begins to develop flowers, which are important in making new seeds. 

As the flowers are then pollinated, seeds and fruit are produced to share and spread. 

Self-empowerment takes on the same cycle as perennials.  Perennials live and keep making new seeds in a continuous cycle.  

SEED is here to help along the way.  We're on a mission to help encourage, support, and focus on the continuous cycle and help spread self-empowerment to everyone around.  

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